Dear friend,

The Jewish Museum of Cyprus will educate visitors from across the globe about the history of Jews in Cyprus, a history that goes back a few thousand years.

Throughout the history of Cyprus, Jewish people have always lived on the island. There are references to large population groups in Ancient Salamis and other coastal towns. In the 16th century, 2,000 Jews are said to have lived in Famagusta. During the Ottoman rule (1571- 1878), the Jewish community of Cyprus thrived due to the influx of Sephardi Jews fleeing the Iberian Peninsula.

During WWII, Cyprus had become a transit point for many remnants of Jewish refugees fleeing concentration camps of Europe. Those who were caught were held in British detention camps in Cyprus.

The 53,000+ Jewish Refugees owed their health and well-being to Cyprus and to righteous Cypriots. Jewish Refugees who once lived in Cyprus moved to different parts of the world.
As such, Cyprus and Cypriots were responsible for helping to promote the re-birth of Jewish life, culture, religious observation and the Jewish heritage throughout the world.

That is the importance that Cyprus holds for Jews throughout the world. And, that is the importance that the Jewish communities around the world owe to Cyprus.

The target audiences are people who might not ever think to go to a Museum that provides such exhibits but they would access a Virtual Reality (VR) Museum. It is also people who might never be able to get to Cyprus or to Poland (where the Concentration camps are/were) or to Israel. The initial groups who will be drawn to the Museum are (i) the same tourists from Europe & Eastern Europe and Asian/African countries who already come to Cyprus and (ii) people who are interested in seeing that the 1st Jewish Virtual Museum is all about.

The Museum building will be a place where parents, families, individual and educators can come see something that they have never seen before in a way that it has never been presented before, to have a memorable experience, relax, learn, do research or have a snack.

The Virtual Reality Exhibits will allow a person to “be in” and experience the holy sites of Israel,walk around the Cyprus internment camps and see what it was like to be a Jew during the Holocaust