Introduction to the Jewish Museum of Cyprus

The Museum

The purpose of the Museum is:

  • The care, preservation and display of heritage both local and Israel.

  • The entertaining education for all children. Provide an interactive,

    enjoyable alternative to rigid classroon learning.

  • The trusted sources of information. To inspire/stimulate, facilitate

    ‘discovery’ , ‘share knowledge’ and provide information to all:- About what Cypriots did to help Holocaust refugees,
    – About Israel and
    – About the Jewish people.

  • To promote awareness, tolerance and show how the Jewish people and Israel are important contributors to culture, education, science and the arts.

  • To help and understand the different cultures so that in this environment there can be peace in the Middle East.

    Rationel behind the idea:

  • First to educate people about the relationship between the jewish Community and Cyprus (particularly about the Cypriots who helped Holocaust refugees in the Detention Camps between 1945 – 1948).

  • Second, to educate people about the Holocaust.

  • Third, as a means to inform and educate people who may want to learn about

    Israel but cannot visit Israel for any reason.

    One of the 10 VR exhibits will be dedicated to the 51,000 Jews who were interned in British camps in Cyprus after fleeing Europe to head to nascent Israel after theHolocaust. Cyprus constitutes “a very important piece of the puzzle” in the historybridging the end of the Holocaust and the foundation of Israel.

    The museum will be constructed adjacent to the current Cyprus Jewish center in Larnaca and its first virtual reality (VR) exhibits are expected to be operational by May 14, 2020.



The Jewish Community of Cyprus is launching the campaign to educate the world about the historical and cultural importance of Cyprus to the Jewish people.

• The Jewish Museum of Cyprus which will showcase the history of Jews in Cyprus dating back almost 2000 years and in particular how Cyprus continues to be important to the Jewish people.

• Cyprus is the only major country that does not have a Jewish Museum or a Holocaust Museum.

• Cyprus and Cypriots played an important role in assisting Holocaust victims escaping Europe after World War II as they made their way to Israel.

• The Jewish Museum of Cyprus is an international educational and cultural project that promotes and benefits The Republic of Cyprus.

• Throughout the history of Cyprus, Jewish people have always lived on the island. There are references to large population groups in Ancient Salamis and
other coastal towns. In the 16th century, 2,000 Jews are said to have lived in Famagusta. During the Ottoman rule (1571-1878), the Jewish community of Cyprus thrived due to the influx of Sephardi Jews fleeing the Iberian Peninsula.

The Jewish Community of Cyprus

Established in 2005, the Jewish Community of Cyprus (JCC) was founded having as mission to fill the traditional, cultural and socio-educational needs to the existent Jewish community in Cyprus.

Our aim and our long life goals are to introduce Jewish life to Cyprus, and to provide the necessities for Jewish people to run their life according to Jewish law.

Our vision culminates essentially in several points as follows:

  • To integrate the Jewish community to Cypriot society
  • To revitalize the almost forgotten Jewish tradition and history in Cyprus and raise public awareness
  • To improve the activities among the Jewish community in Cyprus
  • To bring out the culture of Judaism and its traditions to the
    interested Cypriot citizens that contact us often seeking for it
  • To improve the quality of Jewish life, providing the necessary religious facilities which are found today in almost every European country
    The Jewish Community of Cyprus hosts many outreach programs worldwide that promote Cyprus and Jewish awareness and education in Cyprus and around the world.
    Currently there are Approximately 630 Jewish families live in Cyprus today, many of whom arrived in recent years for professional reasons many came from Russia UK and Israel.